Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Today is a special day at my house! My daughter, her baby and her best friend are coming over! I just LOVE having them over for treats, coffee, and chit chat! We try to do this weekly. My daughter's other best friend is ill this week, so won't be joining us. 'Girl's Nite' is so wonderful to be able to leave the hubs at home for a bit and just bond. Sometimes we also clip coupons, browse through various magazines, scrapbook, sit out back in the secret garden, and play farkle. Don't know what you all have planned for Wednesday.....but.....I know what I have planned!!!!! Having a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY! Yes, it's still gloomy, dark, dismal, and drippy outside....but that's what makes October! I get to turn on cute lamps throughout the house and the candles will be lit for sure. Unusual cars will be in the driveways....the neighbors must be SO curious to what's going on over at the Gates' house!!!! It's just us girls, having a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!!! Chat with you later...

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  1. I'm sorry I missed out on girls night. This fever is about to drive me nuts-o. It's up and down like a yo yo. Hopefully it will be gone soon! Glad to hear girls night was fun and relaxing as always. Today while I was home resting, I watched the " The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood." The movie in a way reminded me of our gatherings at your house away from the hubbys. :0)
    I'll be seeing you next time though for sure! MUAH!