Monday, October 5, 2009


My daughter, Kandace, her 3 mo. baby, Bradley & I flew from Oklahoma to Ohio to visit my folks whom I haven't seen in 4 yrs. and my youngest sister, Diane, and her family whom I haven't seen in 5 long yrs. Oh, oh, oh, we had a marvelous time!!!!! We left our husbands here in Oklahoma to fend for themselves for 4 days and 3 nights. Boy, were they glad to have us back home! We were so delighted also. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit in Ohio....but....there truly is no place like your home. It's good to be back in our ruts and rituals.....and in our OWN bed!!!!! I haven't flown in around 20 yrs. Security is so disgustingly tight at the airports. We had lay overs in Chicago which was interesting. O'Hare Airport is awesome!

Oh, people from all walks of life! We 'overheard' so many different languages, and it was fun whispering to each other and trying to guess what language was being spoken. And no, we didn't lose our luggage!!!!! I always fear you?'re probably wondering when oh when am I going to post adorable pics like you all do...well, I'm learning all this and a huge thanks to my daughter for her patience in working slowly with me to get the hang of this blogging stuff. I enjoy, enjoy, enjoy all the blogs I read, and I've so badly wanted to have a blog too and post interesting pics, recipes, my life, great finds I get at garage sales, etc, etc, etc. Well, that is soon coming!!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE your blogs and pics! I'd rather read them then watch T.V......have a lovely week you all.

By the way, our temp. is so, in the 50's and 60's, with rain in the forecast for the entire week! Love it!!!!!!!! I'm a cool weather gal!!!!! Wanna see pics of my sweet pups?

Guess what kind of dogs I have.....can you guess? Do I like large, medium, or small dogs? How many do I have? Are they inside or outside dogs? Do we have any other pets? How do I like to decorate? Am I simple, complex, or don't care? You'll soon know more and more about me just like you have shared intimate, interesting and neat details about your homes, likes, marriages, families, and life.....this is so fun for with you later.....

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