Monday, October 5, 2009

Back In My Kitchen!!!!!

I've been out of my kitchen for four long days, and I'm home now and ready to get cooking and baking again. I love to hubby loves to eat! Do we make a good pair?! Today, Monday, I first brewed a full pot of coffee then pawed through my recipe box that I started when I was a junior in high school. I'm in my 50's now, so, the recipe box is my most treasured item and dearest friend....while sipping the first cup, I decided to start my cooking frenzy by whipping up a double batch of homemade brownies. One batch with pecans and one without...there're some picky family members that prefer brownies...plain old brownies....plain, plain, plain....anyways.....I then decided to not bake them in my normal 9x13 pan, but to bake them in my tiny muffin pan and call them "brownie bites." It took hours to bake, take them out, re-spray with Pam, bake, take them out,.....etc, etc, etc....but the house started to smell so divine and encouraged me to keep going.....I began this all around 2 I crazy? Don't ask my daughter, please!!!!!

Then I decided to make a full-blown homemade Italian lunch with homemade spaghetti sauce I had made the day before....picture this now: sauce simmering on the back burner, eggplant crisping in olive oil on the front burner, homemade alfredo sauce starting to happen on the other front burner, swiveling around to the long countertop to start slicing a loaf of french bread to slice, butter and sprinkle with garlic powder and just a tad of oregano, keeping an eye on the huge pot on the other back burner getting ready to boil so I can add salt and olive oil before dropping in a pound of fetticcini....can you almost smell all that goodness? I'm half Italian, so you know I just HAVE to whip up Italian meals once in a while.....lots of work, tons of mess....but, boy oh boy....the look on hubby's face and the sauce all over him make it so worth the effort!!!!! My daughter makes homemade spaghetti sauce also at her home...hopefully she'll teach her son and future children how to skillfully and lovingly make good and mighty delicious. I don't always add wine in it, but, this time I made a run to the liquor store and bought a good quality (and expensive) bottle of Chianti and added 1/4 cup about 20 mins before I turned off the burner. The Chianti just kicked it up a notch and my hubby loved it!!!!!!

My daughter came over this evening and ate a "sample plate" of all the goodness I had been cooking today....she loved it all....she and I have a love for cooking, shopping in markets, using coupons, trying new recipes, and sharing our homemade goodies with each other....I love having her live so close to me. She's a registered nurse, a new nursing mother, keeps a darling clean and decorated home, and keeps herself fit, trim, and I love her!!!! You bet! Chat with you later....she just came by for a visit...and that I am going to do with my sweet girl! Chat later

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