Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Do you truly know what all you put inside your mouth each day? I USED to constantly think about what food was in my freezer, frig, pantry, on the counter tops, and in the basket that sits on top of my frig....which harbors bags of tortilla chips, BBQ chips, potato chips...things like this. As I drove around, running errands and what nots, the aromas coming from restaurants and fast food places took over my brain, and I began to think and plan what sounds good to me and do I have the cash in my purse to stop and splurge. Well, of course I always did! With all due respect, I never was interested in stopping at Sonic. After hubs left for work each day, I truly felt like the night was totally mine to indulge in whatever fancied my mind and tummy usually while watching T.V. I actually got extremely happy and giddy planning in my mind what sounded delicious to me that evening and strongly anticipating getting comfy and just stuffing, eating, and drinking milk, milk, milk and cokes too. For me, the hardest part of my dieting was COMPLETELY changing my eating habits. Do you realize what all that involves?! A tremendous mind turn-over. Ok, now I'm beginning to invision apple turn-overs with vanilla ice cream....must think of something else NOW! Ok....I'm stable......at the beginning of my diet and for several months I constantly battled, struggled, fought TEMPTATION, TEMPTATION, TEMPTATION. The hubs schuedule didn't change, the TV didn't get moved, my recliner was in the same position, and the frig remained in it's normal place. So......that meant that I had to do some radical, and immediate changes in order to STOP these bad, bad habits and to do an immediate turn-around in my daily activities so that I could actually SUCCEED with my diet and actually CONQUER this diet yo-yoing. Well, today I feel that I have completely conquered my bad habits, but I also know and yes, fear, that a slip-up or two could oh so easily cause my weak mind and will-power to gradually slip back into that destructive way of living....not way of eating....but, way of living. Because that is what each day meant to me....what all could I eat and what sounded good to me that day...and night. I truly, truly, truly lived to eat....and now I truly eat to live. I am not at all interested in putting a morsel into my mouth that isn't beneficial, healthy or nutritious for me. I'd rather not eat it! Do I miss all the homemade cooking and food that constantly stares at me from my counter tops, in my frig and hides under aluminum foil? Oh yes! BUT!!!! I do not dwell on what I can't have. I really don't. Do I sometimes want to cheat? Yes, I've thought about licking the beaters, licking the spatula, etc....but I know that then I'd have to take a 'little' sample bite, then probably another, then I'd have to sample all the others simmering things on the other burners......and BOOM there would go my will-power and I'd be a failure once again.....I just cannot do that and will not do that. I'm very weak-natured when it comes to eating. Well.....I just had to share this with you. It's been on my mind....chat with you later


  1. i am so very proud of you for losing all of this weight!! i know that it has taken a ton of willpower and not very many people can stick it out. so many people get gung-ho about losing weight and then a few days later are right back where they started. keep up the good work, and i love you bunches!

  2. I hear you Mum! You are doing amazing! I'm back on the wagon and hoping I don't fall off ever again! You've been an amazing inspiration! LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!

  3. You really have done such a wonderful job losing the weight and maintaining the change! I watch you cook and make all these delicious things and you don't even take a nibble that takes lots O courage! It's very hard loosing weight, especially if genetics work completely against you. But you have conquered all! I'm so proud! Hopefully one day my will power can be as strong as yours!

  4. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.