Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hey...wanna know????

Did I shower today? Yes!

What soap did I use? Pink dove bar

What time did I arise? (like that word?!) 7 a.m.

What time did I leave the house? 7:45 a.m.

What am I wearing? dark grey slacks, slate blue sleeveless turtleneck top, multi-colored open long sweater, black shoes, slate blue/gold long necklace, gold diamond heart necklace, super gawdy huge gold earrings

What cologne? Avon Far Away

Where did I spritz? arms, neck and hair

What color purse did I grab? gold

Where have I gone this a.m.? shopping at Family Dollar, Mariachi & Walgreens

What did I cook for hubs? beef fajitas

How many cups of coffee have I drank, so far? 3, working on #4

What's special about today? I had developed this a.m. 8 rolls of film that's been sitting in a drawer for.....uh......years?

How much did that set me back? $48

Did I love the pics? Don't know...will look at them w/ daughter at 5pm today

What's going on right this minute? hubs is napping w/ the 2 pups, clothes are in the dryer, chicken legs are baking in the oven, coffee pot is brewing, snow is melting

What am I doing later on? telling hubs to go to work, visiting w/ my daughter, drinking coffee & watching shows til I get sleepy

What have I eaten today? 3/4 cup of Fiber One cereal (dry), 4 T of peanut butter

Am I done with this silliness? YES!! Chat with ya later!


  1. Love to hear about your day! Have a wonderful evening with K!

  2. you are a nut. but that's why i love ya!