Sunday, January 23, 2011

Curious Chippo, the Chihuahua

This is what goes on behind my back.....he knows NOT to flirt on facebook....does he listen? Absolutely NOT....he's going to do whatever he silly...what am I to do??????????????Take this picture quick before he flinches!!!!!! I walked into my office to get online, and just about died when I saw my dog sitting on my office chair staring at my DIL's dog on her fb page! I went into the kitchen, snatched up my camera, crept back to the office, walked behind Chippo, and *click* the $100,000 winning picture for America's Funniest Videos!!!!!!!!! Think it'll win?! He never did flinch a muscle.....just cracked me up! I'm still laughing whenever I look at this with you later....keep an eye on your pets!!!!! hee hee


  1. too cute! it almost looks like he is sitting on your lap when you took the pic. can you see his paw on the desk by the mouse??

  2. How cute! Doggies are sneaky little things! Mine are always looking for something to get into :)