Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cooking, as always....

Homemade fried peach hand-held pies made with left over flour tortillas...Fried peach pies sprinkled with sugar....pure goodness!!
Using more of the huge flour tortillas, I made fried bean, onion & cheese burritos. Yummers!
Homemade chicken pot pie ready to pop in the oven....m m m
Crock full of simmering pinto beans...frozen ham bone, leftover from Thanksgiving, is simmering right along......this cooking on LOW for 13 hours....oh delish!
These pics are also on facebook, but not all my loved ones have a fb pics are for YOU (love you Mothers!) with ya later...


  1. looks so delish! i'm glad i inherited the "cooking" gene from you!

  2. It all looks soooo delicious-You are such an excellent cook!!!!

  3. Your tortillas and hand peach pies look yummy.

    I am also coveting your red storage jars in the fourth picture. Lovely.