Sunday, January 10, 2010

Size 8/10??? You've got to be kidding!!

Well, I've been buying out super Walmart lately. There's just way too many terrific clearance sales that I simply cannot pass up. Gorgeous cookbooks reduced to just $7. I mean these are really nice ones! Large glossy exterior, step-by-step pictures and instructions, a final result picture for each recipe, easy to follow and understand, and just a gorgeous cookbook. Also, lots and lots of clothing reduced down to $3-$5 an item. Got lots of Christmas gifts for the grandkids!

Then I found a rack of jeans....I thought: no, not for me. I walked down the aisle then found myself heading back to the rack. Back to the rack. Back to the rack. hmmm Unreally got a pair of jeans sized 8/10. Knew there was no way they'd fit and made a mental note NOT to lose the receipt. As soon as I got home, I tried them on...they fit! So, early the next morning I hustled back to Walmart to purchase 100 more pairs. That size was gone in the denim, but not in the black jeans. So, bought the black pair.

Now I'm beginning to worry about these new jeans fitting after the first wash and dry. Hmmmm...time to hit the walking track! Bundled up in winter coat, scarf, gloves and cell phone and drove to the walking track. I power-walked and swashed my arms like nobody's business and walked 3 miles! Did you hear me?! I wasn't even huffing and puffing! Also, I noticed my thighs don't rub together anymore! Yea!!!! There were lots of runners, joggers and walkers there. I acted like I came here regularly and presevered to the end. I didn't think the track would ever end! When it finally did (took me 40 mins to walk it each time), I thought....hmmmm that wasn't too bad....think I'll walk another round! And yes, I wore the new jeans just so people could see them on me. No, not really, silly!!!! I put them on this morning to wear for the day! You silly girl! I was so bundled up and wore sunglasses, that I don't think anybody would be able to recognize me! Some people were wearing t-shirts and shorts and no gloves! I could not believe that!

Anyway, I'm amazed and pretty happy about my new jeans. I'll try to calm down and act normal.....might take a day or two. Well, chat with you later...


  1. I think I need to go to walmart to find these awesome deals you wrote about! Hurray for you on the jeans : o )

  2. i am so proud of you!!! although walking in jeans may not be too good of an idea, than can equal chaffing. can't wait to see you tonight, show off your skinny ass in those jeans :)

  3. WOw! Sounds like you really found some great bargains at good ol Wally world! I need to go take a peak around see if there is anything there still! Yaaaay for new jeans, doesn't it just make you feel great? Sounds like you are right on top of your work outs! Maybe a good pair of walking pants would be good, reap the full benefit of your walk so those jeans will keep looking nice :0) I sure do miss chatting with my favorite girls! I'm off Wed and Thurs next week, so if you ladies decide to get together, day or evening, I am available then! Can't wait to chat! MUAH!