Friday, November 12, 2010

Glimpses of the Gates' Home

My Thanksgiving china...Johnson Brothers...His Majesty...bought at garage sale years ago...gorgeous!Dressed up the mantel a bit...little lamps are from son-in-law's gramma...
Wooden pilgrims were 75% off at Hob Lob last!
Simple dining room touches...the turkey centerpiece is on its 25th year of chips either!
Had to show the plate, just once more...4 was in the set. Just ordered 8 more from Replacements LTD....this plate/design originally came out in 1955 and quit being made in 1983...paid $15 at gar. sale...included 4 plates, 4 coffee cups, 4
Happy Thanksgiving! Haven't bought my turkey yet. Have you? I hope you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year! It's SO much fun! Chat later...

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  1. you finally blogged! you know i love to see your house all decorated--you were my inspiration to carry on the tradition! a house just isn't a home without the holiday spirit in it....some people don't think that though and are fuddy-duds who don't decorate :) and yes, i am cooking a FULL thanksgiving dinner at my house!!!!