Sunday, October 3, 2010

Luvin' the Gold!

Got a little crazy with the gold spray paint..."falled" up an old more brown pinecones! Yes, these are real!
Look at the size of these! Painted gold.....ahhh
Just some acorns laying in the backyard....spritzed w/ gold
The finished look sitting on a gold & glass coffee table...
Added a few ceramic pumpers for, what else can I with you later...


  1. beautimous!! you did a great job on those. nothing like showing off homemade decorations!! you always did have the "eye" for cutesies :)

  2. Love the new center piece! So festive! Can't wait to see it in person! Only 2 more Mondays and I'm FREE =)

  3. Hi there Kathy,
    I came across your blog via (Honey Does this blog make me look fat). Anyways I've looked at some of your projects. Your quite the crafty gal.
    I'm still fairly new at this blogging thingee. I'm blogging as a way to move on due to being widowed 3yrs ago.

    Hope to continue checking back with you. Drop by my site soon!
    Take care,

    Viola of: