Thursday, July 22, 2010

Must Have Treasures...Part 1

Remember my pretty front door that SIL painted? Found a wreath today for it! Paid $2.00Close up of the prettiness of it...
More up close details of wreath.....
Hubs collects eagle stuff....Paid $1.00 for this eagle Christmas ornament....he likes!
See my huge thumb nail? Gives you an idea the size of the eagle....his beak is yellow though.
Hit lots of good garage sales today! Will show pics of more treasures later later with ya


  1. Love that wreath! What great finds and fabulous prices too!

  2. Oh, what fun you are having. These are great finds. I especially love the wash basin and pitcher. How lovely they are and the colors are incredible.

  3. Thanks so much Kathy for following GrannyMountain! As much as I love the wreath...I'm crazy about your front door, LOVE the color red! Come visit often...

  4. I'm in love with your wreath!!! Great price too!!! Thank you so much for stopping by today!!!
    Take care!