Monday, June 28, 2010

Grandson's 1st Birthday

Bradley's Mommy bringing in his homemade carrot cake in the shape of a huge "1"Bradley's trying to figure out why there are a million people standing around gawking at him...
One of the tasty items on the buffet table....roll ups....yum
Bradley's Mommy handmade his birthday banner that greeted alllllllll the guests (and neighbors)
Everybody in Bradley's town knew it was his birthday! No wait! Don't you dare push that garage door button!!!!!!
Tons of gifts, paper flying, food being devoured and then the wonderful swim in the inground pool.....oh yeah.........Bradley? Can Nonni come swim in your pool again? Happy 1st Birthday!


  1. yay! good pics. i hope you had a good time, too bad Gary couldn't be there.

  2. Wonderful pics! I must gush your grandson is SOOOOOOO handsome!!!!!!